Contribute& Join in the Fun!

Got a great story? An idea? something funny? An article on the industry in general? Or maybe your a guest poster trying to get some PR for your fellow place of celeb worship ( I hear you peeps!)

Welcome to your new favourite place. BP is all for sharing the wealth.

Send all ideas to bunnypuddinghops ( at ) gmail ( dot) com

I would love to hear from you and BBz…keep it clean, keep it nice and certainly don’t even boarder on sexist, Bunny pudding iz mega hard feminist yeah, yeah, yeah!

Bunny loves-

  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood ( waves at producers… seriously, I would be a grain of sand to just feature in a bollywood film!)
  • Celebs world wide
  • fashion
  • you tube
  • Memes and current internet trends

Etc Etc

If it’s out there for the public to see, it has a place here!

Any questions let me know.

I hope to hear from you, toodles poodles xX

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