Miley’s Little VMA Stunt Reported To Have Lost Her Vogue Cover AND Liam, Yikes!

Miley cyrus

Oh no spaghetti-O’s! Just heard word that Miley Cyrus has lost her upcoming American Vogue December cover, due to the Vogue high empress herself, Anna Wintour, pulling the concept after “being unimpressed” with her VMA stunt with Robin Thicke last month.

Sadly, the pictures are reported to have been already taken, and were ready to be printed but as Wintour

” found the whole thing distasteful”

They are now replacing her cover with another. What a shame as this would have been a much better step away from the “Disney Star” image she has been so desperate to separate herself from in recent months but hey, when the Wintour speaks, fashion listens.

Hell, there isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t swoon at her death stare! Still, here was me thinking all “publicity is good publicity” maybe so, but in this case, all publicity being a good thing may certainly be classed as unfashionable at present!

So what do you peeps think? Is Anna Wintour being too harsh, or has she made the right choice for the magazine?

Even sadder news, the word on the street is that Liam Hemsworth was so disappointed by the performance that it’s given him the final push to end the engagement. Numerous sources report that they are

“more like room mates than anything else…and sleep in separate rooms”

They also claim that he has asked for his ring back, and

“just weeks away from calling it off permanently…..He is over her and wants to make a clean break,”

Auw man, I really hope this is not true and just obsessive Hollywood gossiping, I am sick of all the break ups! What can I say? I am a hopeless romantic and want everyone to be happy…le sigh, plus I am getting a bit annoyed at the stick young 20 year Miley is getting. It’s pretty strange that she is the one everyone is still talking about that night and all she did was, well, go a bit cray, cray in a flesh coloured PVC bikini during her performance, but as we know there were WORSE actions taken by people that night, and they are let off scott free…pfff, it’s like a case of shapeshifting morals and logic! We MUST GET OVER IT, WE WILL SEE WORSE ON OUR TV IN THE FUTURE ANYWAY! Goodness there was a time when I was younger that I thought Christina Aguilera was “Over sexual” …then Rhianna happened! Either way, I’m sending positive vibes for Miley, ignore ’em lovely! Trust me I have seen worse performances in my local clubs, so you’re hardly alone.

What are peoples thoughts? Does Miley deserve this run of bad luck and judgement, or should we all stop being so “pretend appalled” and move on to something else?… Bp Xx

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