Please Say It’s True!! Lauren Harries Claims “Electric” Affair With Russell Brand


Please, please, please say it’s true! Love it!

I admit it, these are two celebs that I do have  a lot of affection for, I like the non conformists ❤ Though to be fair I am a still a bit angry at you Russell for being mean to Katy Perry…Naughty Russell, Naughty!

Allegedly Lauren and Russell, who first met on “Big Brothers Big Mouth” in 2006 started a erm…short term relationship after “sparks flew backstage”

Lauren, who is currently staring in Big Brother, revealed details in a blog entitled “My affair With Russell Brand”. The daily star has also stated that Lauren has confirmed the story by sharing her quote “had sex with Russell” but other sources aren’t 100% on the actual truth of the matter, either way it’s the best showbiz story I have heard all week.

Read the full details on the blog itself!

 Love, Love Bbz ❤ Xx


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