Hurray! They Have Finally Announced The Fifty Shades Of Grey Headliners..Can We All Stop Talking About It Now?

Finally after several months of media frenzy and speculation, Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam have been revealed on author E.L James’ Twitter feed, as the actors portraying the main characters ” Anastasia Steele” and “Christian Grey”  for the film version of her best selling ( for some reason, I presume it’s the copious amounts of tits and arse) book series “50 Shades Of Grey” .

Dakota Johnson is most famous for being the daughter of  Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith as well as featuring in the film “The social Network” and the Tv show “Ben & Kate”…Nope, I still don’t have a clue either..but yey! Either it’s her big break or her career ruiner..time will tell.

Charlie Hunnam is a bunny beloved Brit actor who made his debut as “Nathan” in “Queer As Folk” ( the original UK version) …and yes, doesn’t everyone remember that debut! * fans self* He also recently starred in “Sons Of Anarchy” and the film ” Pacific Rim”  directed by Guillermo del Toro. So he’s a bit more well known.

So this leads to the question, are you peeps who are fans happy? Let me know in our poll below or share your thoughts in the comment section…if you’re anything like me you will be fully uninterested in this showbiz event…as I haven’t even read the books! Am I missing anything? Like Really?


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