WTF Rolf Harris? My Childhood Is officially Ruined.

Rolf Harris


Right, peeps if you could sit down, make sure you have a hot cup of tea/ pint of gin on standby, this is going to be distressing. News today is that Rolf Harris has been charged with several indecent assaults on young girls.

Stay with me peeps, we’re in a safe place, I love you and yes, I know wasn’t the jim who will not be named bad enough!? But life likes to shock us…<3

Check the link for further details,as I am too depressed by this to be honest to detail everything. The Guardian ( oh the Guardian, the one news paper I am ever actually happy to link too) states –

Rolf Harris has been charged with 13 offences under Operation Yewtree, including nine counts of indecent assault.


Heart < / 3 broken. 


This is he guy that got me to care about stray dogs, whose cartoon club I looked forward to EVERY WEEK, and who I will always associate with being half man, half kangaroo. He’s the reason that every time I get a board of ply wood in my hands, I pretend that I am from Australia by bending it and singing ( it’s a beautiful sight, anyone who knows me will tell you)

rolf harris

Gah, Further details on this story will be added to the blog as they are released and Bbz, who is up for us starting a support group?

Love, love Bp Xx

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