Micheal Douglas And Catherine Zeta Jones To Divorce Too? Whats In The Water?!

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones Wtf, like seriously wtf? On behalf of cupid, stop this separation spree RIGHT NOW showbiz land. I demand it.

*Sigh* Anyhow..

*puts celeb blogger hat on*

Word on the showbiz street is that after 13 years, yes 13 years,(that’s a life time in show biz marriages)  Michael Douglas is starting divorce proceedings to end his marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones ( admit it, you read her name in a welsh accent didn’t you?)

Even sadder than the end of their marriage, is that the fact that it comes after Michael’s successful fight against throat cancer and Catherine’s recent stint in a clinic for bi-polar disorder. Which let’s be fair, does not sound like the easiest time for any couple to go through. 

Auw man, this is sad news as I really wish them the best, and hey, maybe some time apart will do them good? Reignite those feelings?..huh?huh?…After all the BP lives in hope! ❤

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