Miley Cyrus, The VMA’S, Slut Shaming And Other Shiz

Unless you have been living under a rock ( in which case can I live with you too if I pay half the bills?) You will have been informed about Miley Cyrus, her tongue, twerking and PVC flash coloured bikini performance at the VMA’s on Sunday.

BP’s thoughts? It’s not the best idea she has ever had but hey, this is the VMA’s what do you expect? LIKE SERIOUSLY!? Everyone does something crazy at the VMA’s…Madonna humping the floor in a wedding dress anyone? Britney and a giant snake? Madonna’s teen star threesome wedding cake kiss? LADY GAGA IN A SEA SHELL THONG..KANYE BLOOMIN WEST!?…I hope you follow my point.

As a celeb blogger I like to comment, not judge, hell, I may throw a bit of bitch and sass around here and there but it is all meant with the deepest respect..these people are in fact, people. People who happen to be wealthier, prettier and more entitled than me, so you know, I need to get the bitterness out somehow. And gosh I ❤ them for it. The reason I state this is because I am not going to comment on the performance of Miley, nah. Young rebellious girl wants to prove a point?…no issue there. Trust me, go into any club in town and you will see groups of young, semi naked just turned twenty ladies “rebelling” any night of the week, and yeah, Miley’s performance would look tame in comparison.

My issue, or issues are…the 36 year old man who no one has really asked – “is he you know, not partly to blame?”

My answer? Yes.

Let’s not forget the bloody piece of shit video she was basing her performance on anyway. also discussed on my other blog. Did he not in rehearsals think “maybe this is too far?”

or MTV, for you know, watching rehearsals and approving it? of course not..performance dramas makes MONEY!!!!

I am sorry but I have an issue with the amount of shit Miley is getting…there were two on stage that night ( not counting the teddybears etc) and one was 16 years older than the other. And married… what did his wife think of it? oh she was “cool”. How was his mother about it? Oh shock bloody horror, “what was Miley doing?”  But other than that “her son looked “GREAT”. 

I completely agree, I hope my son grows up and acts just like Robin Thicke. In fact, why don’t we pop his wife into a music video topless and see how “cool” he is with it himself

Another issue I have, ( I know I’m full of issues on this bad boy!) is the fact that everyone is banging on about Miley “trying to be black”.  Whats wrong with being black or trying to be so? Being black isn’t an issue, isn’t uncool and erm..why is being overly sexual suddenly something that is considered “black”? I hate to tell you all this, but white women and black women both have vagina’s and, I hope you’re sat down, rumor has it that even Asian, Inuit and other races of women have them too…I know, even I was shocked when I found out and had to be handed my smelling salts.

So based on that logic, its A ok to have some young black girl over sexualised, Rhianna anyone? But the moment it is a white “Disney” type, every one starts slut shaming and insulting her . Sorry societyShut the f**k up with y’all moaning and think for a minute yeah?

Don’t make Robin “tiny dick” Thickes video a viral sensation, then start crying when young girls start re-enacting it. Don’t have big bottomed girls gyrating half naked and oiled up against against some giant rap artist, who is throwing dollars at them, if you want your daughter to become inspired to be a doctor. And certainly don’t make every female celebrity with any talent conform to the stereotype of Hollywood beauty and weight the very moment they become visible in the main stream, if you don’t want shiz like this to happen on mainstream tv.

wait a she wearing a SUIT?

As for acting “black”? I’m sorry but everyone was acting stereotypicaly “black” at the VMA’s just count the amount of grillz on the popstars teeth alone and you will release that those little slave kids on the gold coast were pretty busy a digging in the mines these past few weeks, just to make up enough stock to complete the white celebrity orders.  But hey, at least loads of non whites befitted from this mainstream acceptance of black stereotypical fashion ( non white people I am informed don’t wear normal dresses and suits you see, just pimp hats and boob tubes) at the VMA’s…

er…right yeah, now I remember, the only non white artist to win a spaceman was Janelle Monae ( <3) and that wasn’t even shown ON SCREEN.

Yikes, really? What about rap?..oh, right ok, that went to a white man..ok. So yeah. ..*ironic tumble weed blows past*

So erm, well done Miley! You didn’t do anything wrong on Sunday, you did what society told you to do…be a prim and proper little girl then once your “legal” act like a sexual object.

Got an issue with Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s? Let’s look at our bloody selves.

Rant. Over.

Love BP Xx


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