Liam Gallager And Nicole Appleton Set To Divorce?

Nicole Appleton

Yikes! Poor Nicole Appleton must be having an bloody awful time right now, and my heart does go out to her. ❤

Not only has she had to find out from the media that her husband of 5 years allegedly got another woman,  Liza Ghorbani, pregnant and fathered a secret love child. Now it appears that her whole life is about to be torn apart further as rumors circulate that her husband, Beady Eye singer and former Oasis member Liam Gallagher, intends to divorce her as he has “fallen in love with former aide Debbie Gwyther, whom he recently went holidaying in Ibiza with. He’s even hired the “divorsinator” herself  Fiona Shackleton to get the job done.

I’m sorry, I know I blog about celebs and am meant to be a bit blasé when sharing the news…but, BUT this is just so sad, esp as she was seeing wearing her wedding ring last week, thus getting us all excited about a reunion between the couple.

Liam Gallagher

Instead she faces this heartbreak in public. I wish her the best of luck and lovely lady, there is light at the end of a tunnel and hopefully as well as that light, there is also a better partner to enjoy it with than Liam…..

What is everyone’s thoughts BBz? I for one a bit sad ( believe it or not I do have heart, at times! )

Love Love, BP Xx

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