Interview With Scruffy Kitten, She Has her Own City You Know!

❤ The Lovely Scruffy Kitten Of Scruff City? Then I have a treat for you, Ch- ch- check out her Interview here- oooh exciting times!


Scruffy Kitten

Not too long ago, when  I was travelling around doing some very exciting interviews with my friends, and I promised to share my results. Obviously there was a slight delay as alas, my blooming blog went a big naughty and decided not to upload certain images etc. Therefore this wonderful interview with Scruffy kitten was delayed, but now everything is fixed and voila! Now this lady is amazeballs and is as beautiful inside as she is out ( and trust me with some models this can be a rarity!)  Good news is you will be hearing more about this lady in the up coming weeks as I delve deeper into her most current project “Scruff City”

Scruffy Kitten

Hi Scruffy kitten, How art thou?

Hiiii! I’m wonderful thank you, busy busy as always!!

We’ve noticed you’ve been a busy bee, always good to see! What would you say you were…

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