Cheryl…Erm, Cole? Is She Still Using Cole? Well Cole’s New Butt Tat Pic Is Revealed

Cheryl cole

I’ll be honest, I know for some reason in my home Isle of Great Britain, Cheryl Cole is referred to by the media as some form of “National Treasure”, and yet, rather strangely, I am yet to meet one person who likes her who isn’t male and banging on about, erm “banging her”.

Anyhow, she is great showbiz fodder, and as a celebophile I thank her for providing me with several fun filled pages of content whenever I have needed a story. (Ta Chez! I am sure you’re a great lass really!) Today’s story, according to the great digital spy is her ass tat-

Cheryl Cole's tattoo design

Cue the cries of sexually relieved teen boys every where at the unveiling of a picture of her , let’s be honest, fabulous arse. Bravo Chezza, that’s a bloody peachy bot bot you have there.

So what are peoples thoughts, do you like the tattoo or is it not for you?

(Hey, I am a poet and I didn’t know it, whoot)

Let me know your thoughts!-

 Cheryl Cole


Love Love BP Xx

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