Mischa Barton Destroys Our “The O.C” Reunion Dreams and Then Breaks Up With Boyfriend.

Mischa Barton Karma?

Nah, but it’s been a pretty busy week for poor Mischa Barton in regards to good old “closure”.

According to reports, Mischa has broken up with her partner of over a year Sebastian Knapp. Such sad news as she was reported to be getting engaged to him, but hey, you know the media * ahem* you never really know what is real or fabrication . Either way, we hope the best for both of them. 

As well this week good old Mischa “dream crusher” Barton ( as she will now be referred to on this blog) , broke my heart by killing any dreams of a full “The O.C” reunion happening anytime soon. Stating that it does not “feel right” Sadly, producer Josh Schwartz  won’t do it without her..

Why Mischa? Why???!

Then again, on second thoughts…*spolier alert*

Why the hell would they need her back anyway!?! Didn’t she, you know, “pop her clogs” at the end of season 3? Either way I am confused…

Thoughts? BP Xx

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