Katy Perry Does A whoopsie…

Katy Perry

Have you ever had a song in your head for days but not be able to place it? Yep, a nightmare esp if you only know one line…or worse, just the tune.  This can obviously cause trouble if you happen to be a musician, where the results of “song stuck in head syndrome” mistakes can be seen throughout musical history, for example the little Lilly Allen / Take That “Shine” incident .

So one could happily be swayed into seeing the more innocent side of this story,  which has caused the internet to go bat shit crrrrrrrazy about Katy Perry’s latest song from her new album “Prism” ( released 22nd October) called “Roar”

Well you aren’t kidding Katy, it certainly has caused a “Roar”,  an uproar if anything, and it’s all down to it similarity to fellow artist Sarah Bareilles recent release  “Brave” which is featured below along with “Roar”.  Many people are coming out publicly and screaming “plagiarism!, Perry performs plagiarism I say!”. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts –



Of course it wouldn’t be soo bad other than the fact that Perry had previously  tweeted about her love for the musician Bareilles  and the song “Brave” just three months ago..eek!

I heart you @Sarabareilles : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUQsqBqxoR4 … “

To make matters worse, another artist, producer Dillon Francis has revealed he believes that Perry has also plagiarised his original music video concept of using messaging symbols, which he utilised on his music video for “messages”  in the tweet –

 @DILLONFRANCIS Damn first @official_flo steals @diplo‘s “butters theme” music idea now @katyperry steals my “messages” music video idea..What the fuck?

Check out the video for your self below-

So what do you peeps think? Has Perry been plagiarising, or just been inspired by those artists around her? Either way it can’t have hindered the other artists involved..maybe it’s a case of jumping on the Katy Perry “PR” band wagon? As she’s yet to respond  I imagine this story will have  a few more twists to come ( Yey!)


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