Anastacia Forced To Cancel European Tour Due to Second Bout Of Breast Cancer

Oh my goodness, my heart broke when I read this. Anastacia, the mental crazy, spectacle loving singer has announced via her facebook page that she has had to postpone her European tour, due to start 6th April,  due to a second diagnosis of breast cancer.

File:Anastacia, Women's World Awards 2009 d.jpg

The singer, 44 was previously diagnosed with the illness back in 2003 and successfully kicked it’s ass ( It’s Anastacia we’re talking about here peeps, not a women, but an experience!) Announcing it via her facebook page the statement reveals-

“I feel so awful to be letting down all my amazing fans who were looking forward to ‘It’s A Man’s World Tour’. It just breaks my heart to disappoint them”

What an amazing person, the first worry she has being diagnosed a second time with breast cancer is to be sad to let the fans down and care about other people. Typical Anastacia, she’s not your conventional star.

The statement continues that

she “will continue the writing and recording of her new album despite her diagnosis and hopes to schedule a new tour as soon as possible. Now more then ever, she is determined to live by her motto “Don’t ever let cancer get the ‘Best of You!’” A born survivor, Anastacia has one goal and that is to make a full recovery with the support of her family, friends and everyone around her.”

Tickets according the facebook statement  can be refunded from the point of purchase.


I think we are all in agreement that we wish Anastacia all the love and strength in the world throughout the up coming fight and lady, I personally take off my feathery hat and salute you for being such a dignified and fabulous lady.


If that statement is anything to go by, cancer certainly hasn’t gotten the “best of you”.


Much love BBz ❤

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