Rita Whora, I Mean Ora Gets Burned ( And Not In The Vajayjay)

Now I don’t dislike Rita Ora, for a start she wears red lipstick, therefore she is allowed in my treehouse as long as she passes stringent cootie tests, anytime. I just think it’s not nice when one women, albeit a (currently) more successful one, kicks another for no reason what so ever. Which is the case of today’s funniest celeb story.

The not so thoughtful Rita Ora ( hardly known her wit, more for her cl**t in some circles) decided to take a sly dig at the ” worthy of Rita target practice for some unknown reason” Jade Ewen. You know Jade Ewen, No?.. Oh common how could you not know the 1236th and most recent Sugababes member? Still No? Ok, let me jog your memory-

And the Sugababes through the years –


Anyhow for some reason Rita felt the need to take a wee dig at the TV sensation “Splash!” and Eurovision tradition, as

“I was 16. Andrew Lloyd Webber was there,” Ora recalled. “Right from the start I was, like, ‘What am I doing here? ..I did my song and walked out. No-one knew what to do. They started looking for me, calling my agent….Imagine! If I’d stayed, it would probably have been all over for me. At best, I’d be a contestant on that diving show…?’ Splash!? Yeah, Splash! I love that show.”

What’s so wrong about that comment, huh? Oh that’s riiiight, Jade happened to be a contestant on that show

AND the UK representative of Eurovision in 2009, the year to which Rita refers * BP Caps hands Gleefully * Bugger it, it’s wrong but I love a celeb bitch fight, it’s so much better than me fighting with Val in accounts over a pen ( which was TOTALLY mine btw)

Anyway Jade, in a rather impressive and valiant response returned the favour with this twitter ditty-

Easy to mock when you are enjoying success. Eurovision and splash? Proud of both Some manage to sleep their way to success some have morals

OMG Jade You DID’NT?! Buuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrnnn!

Well as celeb “taps on the nose go” this is certainly the best I have seen in a loooong time and to be fair,  well deserved ( to a point).

Now,I do not appreciate slut shaming of any sort, what a lady does with her bits is her business ( even if it is in this case rumoured to have got her into the business, the woman isn’t at fault, “the biz” is ) but what I think the moral of this story is,  in my opinion , is not that the “truth will come out” ( do we honestly think Rita’s been that busy? If so, “call me Rita!!!” )  but “be nice to people” as we have all made mistakes, as one woman’s splash is another persons Rob Kardashian “Rita Whora Twitter Scandal“.

Whilst tonight I am on Jade’s team, I love you Rita, you’re talented, creative, ambitious and on top of that you’ve been blessed with success and a banging beauty I couldn’t cope with. Yes, you need to step away from the Rhi Rhi shrine at times image wise but you’re getting there, otherwise, you’re Ok. You’re good. You’re a star. Do not lose your power by being a bitch and picking on those maybe not as successful as you ( “yet”, gwad how awkward would it be if in 5 years time, you’re in splash! and Jade is like Beyonce mark 2?!)  Girls look up to you and the last thing us mere mortals need is another beautiful successful “bitch” making us feel like failures and teaching us that it’s right to attack each other. It isn’t.

Karma was fair today. Be nice, share the love learn your lesson ( and please, if it’s true, have a bloody good time but wear protection, Trust Aunty Bunny, she ❤ ‘s you)

Anyway’s what are your thoughts on today events?

Laters BBz Xx

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